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Mon-Fri | 9:00-5:00 — Chapman Learning Commons Online Assistants are trained peers ready to help answer your questions about academic support and UBC learning technologies (such as Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, and more).

Figuring out all aspects of your current online academic life can be challenging. Sometimes talking directly with a knowledgeable support person is the best way forward. UBC is here for you!

Academic Support | Financial Support | Technology Support | Wellness Support

Academic Support

Your instructors and teaching assistants are your first contact point for questions about content, grades, or other course-specific issues. For support with broader academic questions, overcoming disability challenges, or tutoring, read on below.

Academic advisors

For general academic questions about topics like program planning, degree requirements, or academic concessions, reach out to a UBC academic advisor or a UBCO academic advisor knowledgeable about your specific program.

Accessibility advisors

If you have a disability or a specific challenge which makes learning more difficult, contact the UBC Vancouver Centre for Accessibility advisors to find out if you are eligible for services.

For UBC Okanagan students: Contact the UBCO Disability Resource Centre.

Learning skills workshops

The Chapman Learning Commons offers learning skills workshops specific to the online context. Register for one or more of these options to receive the link for attending online. The link will be emailed 1-2 days before the session. All times are in Pacific Standard Time.

  • Time Management when Learning Online: With this rapid transition to learning online, some of us are taking classes that have both asynchronous (on our own time) and synchronous (“live”) learning elements. In this session you will learn how to separate your “work space” from your “home space” when you can’t physically come and go from class. You will also get tips on time management as a remote learner to set you up for success when taking classes online.
    • New sessions will be added soon!
  • Online Communication Skills: As online learners, we constantly communicate with others using a variety of platforms. Which platforms are best suited to different types of communication? How might you engage effectively online with a professor, a classmate, or a colleague? This session helps you build your communication confidence by considering best practices and recommendations when communicating online, using methods ranging from email to instant messaging to video chat.
    • Thursday, November 12 | 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.| Register
  • Group Presentations Online: As students learning and connecting online, there is a lot to consider—especially when working with others. You will leave this workshop with knowledge on how to prepare and give effective group presentations online, from working with each other to engaging a class with technology.
    • New sessions will be added soon!
  • Balancing Life & Learning Online: Self-Care and Productivity: We’ll consider how to make space for your personal wellbeing when working and studying from home. Drawing from advice and experiences of CLC Assistants, you will develop approaches to working remotely that keep your wellbeing in mind and consider how your unique context might impact your work-life balance. You’ll leave with resources to support your success.
    • Thursday, November 5 | 6:00-7:00 p.m. | Register
  • Study with Me Session: Looking for someone to keep you company while studying or prepping for your next final? The Chapman Learning Commons will be holding an open session for students to study together and keep each other accountable. CLC Assistant Tiffany will lead the session and be around to answer questions about prepping for finals, effective studying, and more! Turning on your mic or camera will be optional.
    • Thursday, December 10 | 5:00-6:00 p.m. | Register

Tutoring, coaching, and self-improvement resources

The Chapman Learning Commons has compiled a list of some UBC tutoring and coaching options and offers learning skills toolkits for self-improvement in a variety of academic areas.

Writing-focused support

The UBC Vancouver Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication supports academic, creative, professional, and technical writing for undergraduates, graduates, and postdoctoral fellows. For support:

UBC Okanagan Student Learning Hub

For UBC Okanagan students, the UBCO Student Learning Hub is your one-stop-shop for academic learning support.

  • Book one-on-one tutoring appointments for writing, French and Spanish, English language development, and study skills support.
  • Pop in for online drop-in math and science tutoring.

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Financial Support

UBC Vancouver Enrolment Services and UBCO Student Services may be able to help you with: job loss, living costs, travel costs to get home, food security, barriers to accessing online classes and exams, medical issues, health services, and childcare.


If you’re experiencing financial hardship, you can schedule a confidential virtual appointment with a UBC Vancouver Enrolment Services Advisor.

  • Call 604 822 9836 or toll-free 1 877 272 1422.
  • If you already have an advisor, you can also reach out by email. Find your advisor in the “UBC Contacts” section under “Personal Information” in the UBC Student Services Centre.

For UBC Okanagan students: Schedule a confidential appointment with a UBCO Student Services representative.

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Technology Support

Your instructors and teaching assistants will be able to troubleshoot many issues with you, as they often have a lot of experience with the learning technologies used in their courses. For vendor and IT contact information, see below.

UBC support

For technical help, refer to the UBC student application guides for Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Proctorio, and Zoom, or check the technology frequently asked questions.

If you have trouble accessing a learning technology, contact the UBC Vancouver IT Service Centre Help Desk.

  • Call 604 822 2008 or fill out the web form.

For UBC Okanagan students: If you are having trouble accessing a learning technology, contact an Online Learning Coach at for personalized online learning support.

Application vendor support

Collaborate Ultra logo

Collaborate Ultra provides 24/7 technical support:

Proctorio logo

Proctorio also offers technical support:

  • Call 1 866 948 9087 or email
  • Inside an active exam, access live chat by clicking the shield icon located in the Chrome browser address bar, then clicking Live Chat.

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Wellness Support

UBC has a range of services and supports designed for your wellbeing. The UBC Student Health and Wellbeing website contains up-to-date information on services, events, and programming.

Counselling services

If you’re feeling persistently stressed, anxious, or sad, UBC Vancouver Counselling Services is scheduling virtual counselling appointments.

  • Call 604 822 3811.

For UBC Okanagan students: Contact UBCO Counselling Services.

  • Call 250 807 9270.

If counselling services appointments are full for the day or you need 24/7 support:

  • Call Empower Me for counselling at 1 844 741 6389.
  • Try Here2Talk, a counselling and referral service for post-secondary students, particularly those outside North America.

If you’re concerned about a classmate or friend who hasn’t participated or engaged lately:

  • Reach out to let them know you’re concerned about them.
  • In a course context, notify your instructor of your concern.
  • If you’re worried the person may be thinking of harming themselves, contact crisis support.

Health services

If you’re having health issues, UBC Vancouver Student Health Service is booking virtual medical appointments.

For UBC Okanagan students: Contact Health & Wellness.

  • Call 250 807 9270.

Inclusion and human rights

For resources and issues related to diversity and inclusion, the UBC Vancouver Equity and Inclusion Office is available to help.

For UBC Okanagan students: Contact the UBCO Equity & Inclusion office.

Sexual violence support

If you’ve experienced sexual violence, the UBC Vancouver Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office is here to help.

For UBC Okanagan students: Contact the UBCO Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office.

  • Call 250 807 9640 or email for general inquiries or to schedule a virtual session.

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